Fruits for weight loss

Fruits for weight loss

Well, when it comes to weight loss, people generally look up to low-calorie food items and sometimes neglect fruits. Below are some fruits for weight loss.

pomegranate The red skinned fruits is a rich source for nutrients and antioxidants. Have a glass of pomegranate juice instead of unhealthy beverages and you will feel much boosted up. This fruit helps in reducing LDL cholesterol level and also do away with harmful toxins thus enhancing the blood flow in the body.

Apple- Well, someone has rightly said, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” The ripened fleshy fruit is the best fruit for people who are looking upon dieting as its high in fiber content and low in calories and will surely help you in toning up your waist.

Blueberry- this special fruit has very high antioxidant level and it also fights the factors which result in metabolic disorder. So blueberries just take on your body’s hypertension, obesity and cholesterol and fight against fat cells. Well, don’t be surprised to know that such a tiny fruit has potential to do these many things.

Kiwi- this 3inch long and four ounces weighing fruit carries tons of nutrition in it. Extremely low in calorie count, the green fleshy kiwi gives your body plenty of fibers that reduce high cholesterol level in body and also lessen the risks of heart disease and heart attack.

Moreover, it fills up your stomach and thus suppresses your appetite-good news for people who are looking forward to lose weight.