Mental Wellness: A Much Needed Resource

Mental Wellness: A Much Needed Resource

Mental wellness can be achieved by keeping mental illness away. An awareness of mental wellness will help us in having healthy choices. Healthy habits can be practiced in different dimensions, which improve mental health.                   

A balanced diet can ensure a healthy mood and physique. Exercise increases blood circulation to the brain, helping in the formation of new brain cells and also reduces risk factors for various illness. Sleeplessness causes irritability and moodiness. 7 8 hours of sleep is necessary each night.

Facial conversation improves the vocabulary. Mental wellness necessitates a sense of connectedness. Helping others gives a sense of satisfaction while volunteering boosts  self-esteem.

Gardens enhance the mental healthiness, by giving control to counter anxiety. Surveys reveal that hugs by friends or relatives increases the nerve activity and upbeat moods. As compared to regular church attendance an affectionate hug is more beneficial to improve the mental condition.               

Memorize something new to make the brain work and hence keeps the mind fresh. Classical music has the capacity to increase brain activity in a positive manner as compared to other kinds of music. Very often sing a song that will sparkle happiness and merriment in mind. For healthy mind games and puzzles are necessary.

Prayer and meditation are meant to worship and express gratitude for life. A sense of connection with the Almighty improves mental health. Staying away from smoking and drinking will keep you healthy.            

Besides the above control yourself after a failure, find solution after a loss, protect your self-respect and recover self-worth after a rejection Everybody knows the worth of good physique — we daily look for ads for diet plans and exercise programs , however, neglect mental health — but it is very vital.