Neuropathic Pain May Be Lessened By a Gluten-Free Diet

Neuropathic Pain May Be Lessened By a Gluten-Free Diet

For those suffering from neuropathic pain, a gluten-free diet may just be the key to living a better life with minimal pain. At least, that's according to a study scheduled to be presented on April 21 to 27 at the American Academy of Neurology in Los Angeles.

The study was spearheaded by Panagiotis Zis, MD, PhD, from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and his colleagues. Their subjects were 60 patients diagnosed with gluten neuropathy, of which more than half (55%) were experiencing pain.

The first thing that the researchers noticed was that there was no significant difference between patients with painful and non-painful gluten neuropathy - not age, gender, nor the severity or type of neuropathy. The researchers then put more of the patients with painless gluten neuropathy on a strict gluten-free diet (55.6% vs 21.2%). As a result, patients with painful gluten neuropathy suffered from a much lower Mental Health Index-5 (MHI-5) score. Meanwhile, following a strict gluten-free diet reduced the odds of peripheral neuropathic pain by as much as 88.7% after making the necessary adjustments for the age, gender, and MHI-5 of the patients.

In his statement, Zis revealed that their findings are exciting. He says that it means that a "relatively simple change in diet could help alleviate painful symptoms tied to gluten neuropathy."

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