Why You Can't Afford to Be Obese

Why You Can't Afford to Be Obese

Many people think that obesity means excess of weight. However, the fact is that it means excess of fat storage. If a man has more than 25% of total body fat, he will be considered obese. Similarly, if a woman has more than 30% body fat, he will be called obese. There are many ways of classifying obesity. Obesity can be divided into simple, secondary and drug induced. Obesity is a growing problem and it has making life of many people hell. Here we have listed some reasons why obesity can be bad for your health.

•    Type 2 diabetes
Obesity is one of the main cause for diabetes. It has been found that diabetes can lead to some complications like high BP, heart attack, kidney failure and many other diseases.

•    Heart attack
Obesity and being overweight makes you more prone to cardiovascular diseases. The abdominal or belly fat is linked to some high risks.

•    High blood pressure

Weight gain and hypertension are related to each other. However, reducing some weight can help you to normalise your blood pressure. Those who are having hypertension problem are advised to exercise and maintain your body.

•    Obstructive sleep
Due to obesity, a person may also have problem in sleeping. This leaves him drowsy all the day. He may also face problem in respiration, result in high BP, heart failure and many other diseases.

•    High cholesterol
Obesity can also increase the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your body. This is the main cause of atherosclerosis.